Friday, January 23, 2009

Jambatan Empangan Putrajaya

This photo won me RM500 for Photography Competition, Putrajaya Arts Festival 2008.

This photo was first posted here..


nice pic!
nice to have you drop by, YK :)
Now you are a pro! :)

Happy Niu Year.
Thanks uncle Paul ! :) but i've yet to get top prize like you did la.. this is consolation only :)

Happy Niu Year ! :D
this is nice photo.. sifu. pls upload more photos for us to see see look look...
thanks X-men :) lately didnt have chance to shoot much.. sigh..
Hahahah Soon u will get some invitation to F1. Sudah beli itu long lens? Btw, i haven't said yet..COngratulations!
hahahah must get long lens before get invitation eh ? got lens also wont do, coz camera body havent upgrade yet kekeke

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