Saturday, April 26, 2008

People of Cambodia (aka Faces of Cambodia II)








What's on the bicycle? Ropes?
yeap it's ropes, but is nature's rope :) they are carrying vine actually
i like the mood of #1.

still fancy the large view?
sometimes might be a plus if u can go abit closer to subject , zoom in further.. just my 2 cents view
Just curious, #5. Did you raised your camera or you are just too tall compare to the subject? Cos he doesn't seems like sitting.
kvct : sometime i'm still shy to get close up and personal :) will try to break my norm. thanks for your 2 cents, do keep c&c for my future posting.. thanks :)

wk: the camera is at my eye level.. the effect you see probably is due to the lens coz i'm shooting at 12mm

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