Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bukit Tabur, again..



#4 This is the original..

This is with flare filter for CS2

Which do you like more ?

First visit photos here:


I like the one with cs2.. :D .
nice photos..
amazing what cs2 can do isnt it :)
i really like to go to bukit tabur, but i dont know how. its name is bukit melawati, but when i search it in wikimapia, its located near to UIA. i was studied in uia before but never know abt bukit tabur thr n never see the sign board to go thr.
can u guide me on how to go thr? i'm from setiawangsa.
nhanania, check the following link :) some description and a map to bukit tabur

enjoy your hike ! :)

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